Portrait photography

Most portraits are normally taken in a studio environment, but they can as well be taken outside of the studio - by the sea, at home or in an office. Before booking a portrait shoot, it is wise to think which background would be suitable for your needs. I have in the past taken portraits e.g. at a train depot, on horseback and riding a roller-coaster. There is no limit, but most times a forest, nice building or the sea is just as good a background as any. However, if photos are to be taken in the dark hours of the night, I would warmly recommend to choose the On-location Studio Photo Shoot -option from the Price List.

In media portraits the general feel of the photo is important. The background, hand movements and facial expressions all tell a story. In private portraits, however, the most important thing is to make the person look as good as possible. For that reason I try to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere which shows in the finished photographs.

As I use digital equipment, I don't need to count the number of photos taken. Photos can be seen right away, and all portraits are PhotoShopped and given in both color and black and white versions - on cds, which enables the client to choose for him/herself where and when the photos are made into prints - and for what price.

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