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The wedding day is an important day in one's life and should be planned accordingly. It is not wise to leave too many tasks for the last night - nor for the morning of the wedding as the day is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over.

You should take into consideration when booking a place for a reception, that dimly lid, dark spaces are cosy, but they do limit the full potential of photography - unlike that of a lightly lit, airy spaces.

Portraits are mainly taken on the day of the wedding, but can also be booked for an earlier date - e.g. for the day of the bride's rehearsal make-up/hairdresser.

When portraits are taken on the wedding day, it is common to take them just before or right after the wedding ceremony - or at the reception after the bride and groom have finished their meals. The wedding couple always gets to be served first, therefore finishing usually half an hour before the last guests.

For the portraits it is wise to bring along matt facial powder for both the bride and the groom - and 1-2 people to assist with the couple's accessories. Don't forget to bring along a coat or a shawl for the outdoor photos - and a good pair of shoes. The actual wedding shoes can be worn for the photos, but walking in the woods with five inch heels is not practical.

Before booking a portrait shoot it is wise to think which background you would like for your photos. I have taken portraits at a train depot, on horseback and riding a roller-coaster. There is no limit, but most times a forest, nice building or the sea is just as good a background as any. However, if the photos are to be taken in the dark hours of the night, I warmly recommend to choose the On-location Studio Photo Shoot option from the Prices List.

There is no need to feel nervous about the portraits, as I know how painful it can be to stand in front of a camera for the camera shy. My priority is to create an informal atmosphere in order to make the couple feel relaxed. Usually we start with more traditional shots for the more mature relatives, followed by more unconventional poses. The kind which produces relaxed, happy portraits - the kind I enjoy taking and seeing.

My style could be called documentary, but I quite freely incorporate more traditional portraiture into my work - especially when taking group portraits. I love fast moving, action packed event photography and shooting people. Even after 20 years and thousands of shoots, I absolutely love the moment when the person in front of my camera lets go, relaxes and shows his or her most charming smile. Because we all have it. Sometimes we just need the right kind of photographer to bring it out.